Dish drying mats

How To Clean A Dish Drying Mat?

How To Clean A Dish Drying Mat?
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Dish drying mats are a great option for drying your dishes in the kitchen. Not only they’re functional, but they also come in a nice diversity of colors and patterns so you may play with the décor in your kitchen. Additionally, many of them can be flipped over for a different color or pattern, adding a versatile touch to your counter top.

How to clean dish drying mats?

When it comes to the materials used on the dish drying mats, you may find mats made of silicone, whereas others are made of microfiber.

No matter which type you’re using, the most important thing to do about your dish drying mat is to air dry them on regular basics so that they don’t build up mildew. Let them air dry completely until you use them again.

How to clean silicone dish drying mats

As for the cleaning, you may hand wash the silicone drying mat with some warm water and liquid soap. You may want to use a sponge and even an old toothbrush if the drying mats comes with deep grooves. It’s very important to insist on the small grooves as they may be a good place for bacteria and mildew.

Don’t forget to rinse the drying mat thoroughly with cold water when you’re done and leave it air dry completely until you use it again.

How to clean microfiber/foam dish drying mats

When it comes to the microfiber and foam dish drying mat, the situation is slightly different. Apart from the fact it may attract smell a lot easier than the silicone type, the microfiber (and sometime foam) drying mat needs more attention and more often cleaning than the silicone one does.

Sure, a dish drying mat made of foam and microfiber doesn’t have all the deep grooves so you don’t need any old toothbrush for brushing it. However, you may notice it catches smell a lot easier. This is why you need to clean it as often as you can.

You may throw the microfiber dish drying mat in the dishwasher, along with your dishes, every now and then. You may, as well, put it in the washing machine, along with the kitchen towels, so you get rid of the bad smell even more efficiently. Either way, you need to make sure the water isn’t very hot and that you only tumble dry on low.

Letting air dry your microfiber dish drying mats is also essential for having them clean and mildew-free for a good amount of time.

Many microfiber dish drying mats aren’t able to take intense use from all that cleaning, but it’s the quality of the materials that has a say on their lifespan too.