Dish Drying Rack versus Mat

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It’s not the most important issue in the world, but you may be preoccupied about which is the best way to dry your dishes, when not using a dryer.

The dish rack

The dish rack is a great choice for drying your dishes and comes in a great variety of models. You may have it built in your kitchen when you’re remodeling, simply install it over your sink or in drawer that has a drainage tray. You don’t want any mildew building up in your kitchen.

Dish racks are great as you’re not going to handle that much your dishes so they’re going to have less spots when they’re dry. You don’t spend much time or effort either for drying them as you simply put your dishes in the drying rack or…let nature take its course.

If you’re struggling with space in your kitchen, there are also solutions for you. From the foldable drying racks to the ones hidden in your countertop or placed over the sink, the solutions are plenty.

The Drying mat

Drying mats are a fun and easy way to dry your dishes. They are padded and especially designed to absorb moisture from your drip-drying dishes.

Additionally, they come in a great variety of colors and patterns so they become a fun and pretty detail in your kitchen’s décor.

You may place the drying mats wherever in the kitchen, but the best place is going to be next to the sink.

As they’re well padded, the drying mats do protect well your dishes and the counter underneath from collisions.

Even though you may not believe it, you can also set your veggies on the drying mats after you clean them in the sink.

There are plenty of patterns and models to choose from and many come with reversible colors and patterns, for more versatility.

Dish rack versus mat – Which one is better?

It all depends on your needs and likes, as a matter of fact. If you’re only looking for something that dries your dishes and is as subtle as possible, a drying rack is a better choice for you.

But if you’re interested in both functionality and decorative benefits, you may want to try the drying mats as they help you dry your dishes, while adding a fun vibe to your kitchen.

Drying mats are a good choice for smaller items and you don’t want to take all the counter top with a very large mat for drying a bit pot.

Additionally, you can’t dry many items on the drying mats either. And that’s the part that drying racks do a bit better!