Dish drying mats

Are Dish Drying Mats Sanitary?

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If you’re not always wishing to use the dryer for your dishes nor have the space for a drying rack, you may very well use some drying mats.

Drying mats at glance

We like drying mats as they’re not only functional, but also look quite nice and able to add a bit of fun to any kitchen.

They come in a great variety of shapes and colors and many of them may be flipped only to reveal another pattern or color combination. You may find also subtle drying mats that go great next to your sink so you only know that they’re there.

Drying mats are great as they’re made of soft materials (microfiber or silicone) and protect both your fragile items (glasses, special plates), but also your countertop. They’re very easy to use and you only need to place your dishes on them and let nature works its magic.

You may find silicon drying mats that feature deep grooves so that your glasses are placed higher, for a better ventilation and drying.

Most of the drying mats out there are easy to fold for storage when not in place.

Are drying mats sanitary?

If you’re using a microfiber dish-drying mat, you need to clean it from time to time. If it’s machine-washable, it’s easier for you. Try washing it in cold water and tumble-dry on low. In time, it may get a smell, so you may throw it with some dish towels to get rid of the smell.

As long as you’re cleaning it every once in a while and let it air-dry, your drying mat should stay safe for use.

When you use a silicone drying mat, the story about keeping it sanitary is about the same. You may hand wash it from time to time with some warm water and dish soap, to keep the smell away. If it has a rib design, you need to insist in the grooves as mold may build up in there. Let it air dry completely until you’re going to use it again.

Drying mats are a safe choice for drying your dishes and you need to air-dry them when your dishes are dry too as mold or bacteria may build up from the moisture. Every once in a while, you should also clean them to get rid of the smell.

The silicone drying mats may take the use longer than the microfiber ones as they don’t hold smell too much and take the cleaning for a longer time.